Causal Relationship

Causal Relationship

Cause and Effect:  They express the existing relationship between two phenomenons, of which one called cause, inevitably produces the other, denominated effect.  This relationship receives the name of causal relationship.  Every phenomenon has its origin, that’s what creates it.  So if we eliminate the cause we eliminate the effect.

Being overweight or obese will mainly take us to the risk factors we saw in the previous article, and they have an origin in this one:  It has to do with the way we eat, physical activity, rest, our personal relationships (with whom we live), reading, the calendar ( this is if we plan things, if we have time to think, meditate, focus, eat, have fun, relax, etc.).  These rubrics are a fundamental part of our lifestyle and lifestyle delivers our quality of life. 

The heart gives quantity of life, the brain gives quality of life.  Valentín Fuster.

Lifestyle is determined by each individual.  We are persons of rituals and all the decisions we make to determine our rituals begin with our thoughts.  There are thoughts which we turn into beliefs and we think they are part of our identity.  Ortega y Gasset Nobel Prize used to say:  We have thoughts, we live in our beliefs. There are thoughts which we give so much faith that we stop questioning them and we make them the truth.  They might be true or not, they might be real or not, but these thoughts become our beliefs.  They are unquestionable orders and we consider them immutable giving us an existential posture, and therefore, they define the rituals that dictate our lifestyle.

Additionally to these beliefs such as:  How I define myself? What I think of me? What I think of other people? What I think of life? I also have hierarchies and rules.  An example:  If a person’s physic is important  but it is more important to have fun and the rule he/she has is that there should be enough alcohol and enough food in every party… Can you imagine the problems that he/she would have to maintain a healthy and slender physic with these rules and beliefs?

In my experience if you want a different result from what you have had regarding your health and your body, do not look for a diet or a miraculous product, don’t subscribe to a gym just yet.  First ponder and analyze your beliefs, rules and hierarchies.

Dr. Valentín Fuster, who presided the World Association of Cardiology, discovered in all the studies he performed that in order for patients to change their habits, at least regarding their health, they need help to change.  There is no success in isolation.  Adults need other adults to change.

Think why you do what you do.  Choose you mental posture facing certain situations.  Support the activities that build you and eliminate the ones that undermine you.  Change your limited beliefs.  Stand inspired in your goals and decide to evolve and be a better person until the last day of your life.  This will radically change your reality and will end this never-ending fight against overweight and obesity which seems insurmountable.

Alejandro Gómez

Insanity is to believe that doing the same things we will achieve different results.

Albert Einstein